The objectives of the Hong Kong Challenge Cup are to promote dance culture, and to provide a platform for practice and experience sharing for young dancers and professionals. The events are open for both local and overseas participants. Same as last year, HKCCDC 2019 will be divided into two divisions, the Cross-Strait Four Regions Division and International Division so as to let everyone, particularly the overseas participant, has a good time in Hong Kong. All contestants, parents and teachers are welcomed to participate our challenging events. The competition will be held in 24-29 July 2019 at Y-Theatre Youth Square.


由創舞坊主辦之香港挑戰盃舞蹈比賽2019, 將於2019年7月24-29日假香港柴灣青年廣場Y綜藝館舉行。香港挑戰盃舞蹈比賽以推廣舞蹈文化為宗旨,為有志成為專業舞者的人士提供一個磨練平台、互相交流的機會;並以舞蹈作為溝通的橋樑,讓彼此切磋舞藝,增進友誼,精益求精。今年挑戰盃一如去年,設立兩岸四地組及國際組,令外來參賽者有時間留港旅遊觀光,亦讓大家更好地安排時間;希望老師及家長鼓勵有志之士參加此項充滿挑戰的活動。